Gas reticulation layout plans, submission & approvals from all relevant authority’s- See quotation part One G if applicable.

Gasline require the client, (or person responsible for payment) to state his name & ID or the Company name & Reg nr responsible for payment, the quotation reference nr. As well as the contract amount, to be filled in on contract document II & return to us.

No work would commence before receipt of proof of payment & signed contract of appointment (as stipulated above) was received by our accounts department, at least 2 days before the installation must take place.

All appliances such as fireplaces, braai’s, stoves etc. would only be delivered after we received the full payment amount of these items as set out in invoice supplied to customer.

Please note prices quoted on gas are only valid for 7 days, due to the fact that LP Gas are linked to the petroleum price, and may fluctuate without prior notice. Prices may be adjusted upwards during contract period to make provision for such increases.

No re-plastering or paintwork of walls & floors over chased or drilled areas will be done by Gasline. (Please note that no money may be withheld or subtracted for any damage done to such services or walls by our contractors.)

Please note that SANS regulations require the following minimum safety distances for gas supply cylinders from:

  1. Any opening door or window = 1m
    1. Any drain like a gulley or storm water drain =2m
    1. Any electrical installation, like DB box, aircon compressor, pool pump, etc. = 5m
    1. Other Restrictions: No gas piping allowed through ceilings or confined spaces unless seamless steel pipes or track pipe be used.
  1. INSTALLATION & APPLIANCE SERVICE & MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS:Appliance Services:We recommend yearly services on all gas appliances, especially geysers and stoves.Refer to appliance handbooks for their recommendationsInstallation maintenance & servicingAll gas installations to be inspected om yearly & minor maintenance work to be done if required.Major inspection & part replacements to be done every 5 years. (Flex hoses, “O” rings, clamps, etc to be replaced)

Regulators, switchover valve & isolation valves to be tested & replaced if required

Certified for a period of 5 years from date of completion.

(Re-certification to be done every 5 years at the same time as the major inspection)

Certified for a period of 1 year from date of completion.

(Re-certification to be done yearly at the same time as the service inspection)

We are experienced, domestic and commercial gas installers that render our services countrywide through our main branch or franchised owner operator areas.